Retail Tenant Co-ordination

  The tenant co-ordination service is specifically designed to facilitate handing over of the tenancy to the tenant on beneficial occupation and ensuring that the tenancy is fitted out and merchandised in time for the centre opening.

The tenant co-ordinating function can be adapted to include any of the following activities, depending on the size and type of tenancy.

  Compilation of the various Tenant Control Manuals to suit the type of tenancy i.e. major, national, restaurant, or line shop.
  Arranging the initial tenant co-ordination meeting with the tenant once the lease negotiations have been concluded. Assist the landlord's lease negotiator with construction related queries during the negotiation process if so desired or required.
  Obtain the tenant's design concept drawings and information in terms of the applicable Tenant Control Manual.
  Distribute the design concept amongst the landlord's consultants and obtain their, together with the landlord's approval.
  Obtain costs from the landlord's quantity surveyor based on service changes required as a result of the design concept.
  Forward the above-mentioned costs to the tenant and obtain their approval prior to the works being instructed. All tenant accounts to be processed directly by the landlord.
  Ensure that the tenant is aware of and complies with the council submission process prior to beneficial occupation.
  Notify the landlord's consultants once the tenant has approved the cost implication of a service change in order for the consultants to issue the necessary drawings and instructions to the landlord's contractor.
  Facilitate in the handing over of the tenancy to the tenant on beneficial occupation including the reading and recording of the various meters and the signing over of the relevant keys on behalf of the landlord.
  Notify and advise the tenant and his shopfitters regarding the procedures to be adhered to during the course of the shopfitting period.
  Monitor and record the tenant shopfitting progress on a weekly basis and report back to the landlord's representative.
  Convene regular meetings with the landlord's lease negotiators in order to review the status of the leasing process.

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