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Post Construction Phase

On completion of the project, part of the project team's responsibilities will be to ensure that the client receives certain drawings, information and documentation that may be required in years to come. The client's requirements in this regard must be clearly identified and defined and could include the following:-

Procurement of Attic Stock
Gibb & Co will arrange that a suitable quantity of attic stock is issued to the client on completion of the project. The client's attic stock requirements will be agreed in advance to ensure they form part of the original orders.

Transfer of Services to Owner
Gibb & Co will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the services are transferred into the owner's name on completion of the construction phase should this be necessary.

Correlation of "as built" Drawings & Information
Gibb & Co will ensure that the consultants all issue a set of "as built" drawings and specifications on completion of the project. This documentation will be combined and handed over to the client.

Owner Operational Manuals
All owner operation manuals for the various installations will be compiled by Gibb & Co and handed over to the client on completion.

Settling of Final Account
Gibb & Co will be responsible for settling the final accounts with the various contractors. This will be done as soon as the final completion certificate has been issued.

Releasing of Retention & Guarantees
Gibb & Co will be responsible for authorising the releasing of the retention monies as and when they are due. Maintenance agreements can be entered into with various contractors should this be required.

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