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Construction Phase

During this phase, design and construction proceed concurrently and it is of primary importance that the timeous flow of information to the contractor and subcontractors is maintained. Effective communications at all levels need to be carefully co-ordinated and maintained.

Preparation & Monitoring of the Construction Programming
Gibb & Co makes use of CCS (Construction Computer Software) for the production of the project programmes. Each individual project's programme is specifically designed and detailed to suit the requirements of the project.
The contract programme will be drawn up and approved in conjunction with the successful contractor/s. Programme updates will be undertaken on a regular basis during the construction process. In addition to giving the client and indication of the current on-site progress, these progress updates assist in identifying problematic areas efficiently and allows the potential problems be dealt with prior to them impacting on the contract completion date.

Preparation & Monitoring of the Information Schedule
The CCS package allows for the production of an information required schedule. This identifies the date by which specific drawings and information are required by the contractor to enable him to undertake each and every activity on the programme. Gibb & Co, together with the consultants, will monitor the approved information schedule to ensure that the contractor is not delayed due to information required issues. In addition this information schedule identifies long lead items thereby ensuring that the consultants issue the necessary drawings and specifications to enable the contractor to place the relevant material orders timeously.

Preparation & Monitoring of the Cash Flow
The CCS package also allows for the production of a cash flow based on the construction programme and the bill of quantities/schedule of rates. This cash flow can be monitored during the construction process. The client can be continually updated regarding the forecast against the actual cash flow.

Web Site Interface
A website will be developed for the individual project and will be updated on a regular basis. The client and his consultants will be allowed authorised access to the website and will be able to monitor the construction process without necessarily visiting the building site on a regular basis. The website can be used to obtain the clients approval of various items without him having to visit the building site; this is particularly useful should the client or consultants be remote from the site. To view a demo project, click here to visit the client logon page.

Site Meetings & Meeting Minutes
Regular site meetings will be held with the client and the consultants together with the contractor. Site meetings will also be held regularly with all the trade/subcontractors and suppliers. Minutes of all meetings will be circulated to the various parties. Gibb & Co will follow up to ensure the items requiring action are resolved efficiently.

Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan & Monitoring Quality Process
In order to achieve the required quality product a quality plan will be drawn up together with the successful contractor/s. The quality plan will identify the various activities of the project and how these activities will be monitored during the construction process to ensure the desired quality is achieved. The overall objective of the quality assurance system is to consistently produce products which meet or exceed client requirements.

Verification of Monthly Valuations
During the construction process monthly valuation will be received from the contractors and will be verified against works undertaken and materials on site. Payment recommendations will be forwarded to the client for approval.

Monthly Cost Reports
Monthly cost reports will be produced which clearly reflect the current monthly financial report against the forecast monthly budget. Cash flows can be reviewed monthly and adjusted accordingly as a result of the up to date cost reporting.

Snagging & Handing Over
As the project nears completion the project will be comprehensively snagged and the relevant contractors will be issued with detailed snag lists. The de-snagging process will also be closely monitored.

Practical Completion Certification
Once the project has reached completion and it can be used for its intended use, the client can rely on Gibb & Co for a smooth transition from a building under construction to a building in occupation.

Final Completion Certification
Once all outstanding snag items are completed and any teething problems have been addressed a final completion certificate will be issued. This concludes the construction phase of the project.

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