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Pre Construction Documentation & Adjudication

During the Pre Construction Phase the appointment of the Design Team and the subsequent sequence of document production and approval is of vital importance. The duration and the cost of the project can be complimented by the appointment of consultants who are suitably qualified for the specific project.

Liaison with Local Authorities
Gibb & Co will, if required, liase with the local authorities regarding planning approval, service applications and deposits that may be applicable.

Documentation Scheduling & Programming
As a direct result of the high cost of finance, it is in the client's interests to commence the project as soon as is practically possible, thereby completing the project earlier. This provides a quicker turnaround of the client's revenue producing asset, minimising the cost of interim funding. The documentation scheduling and programming ensures that the consultants focus on the immediate tasks ensuring that the relevant drawings and documentation is available for the construction to commence. The primary objective during this phase is the synchronisation of decisions and design priorities with construction priorities. The documentation schedule and programme forms the cornerstone in the maintenance of discipline amongst the consultants and the client.

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